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About the Photographer

After 30 years in the printing business the time finally came to seriously pursue photography. Landscape photography has always been my first love but an interest in other fields of photography developed as well such as real estate, weddings, portraiture, families, glamour and pets. Also the introduction of HDR photography has caught on with photographers worldwide including myself and is now my preferred method for producing landscape photos. The depth-of-field detail and quality of this technique is so remarkably distinct from a single frame exposure that the thought of doing this any other way is a thing of the film photography. Even though film based photography dominated the industry since its discovery the appreciation for it has faded as digital photography began to emerge. Digital has revolutionized the art of photography and as it stands, film is on the way out for now and DSLR photography is here to stay.

San Diego is my home town...I miss warm beach sand , large waves, watching the sunset from the end of a pier and love chasing sunrises and sunsets especially in's a privilege to live here.

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